Editorial services for the Web

The World Wide Web is a wonderful medium for publishing information: it’s inexpensive, instantaneous and international. Flexible and interactive, it’s quite unlike conventional, paper-based media. What the user sees – or hears – is a blend of the author’s and designer’s input and the user’s preferences, rather than being a fixed product. Publishing on the Web clearly requires a fresh approach and a fair amount of technical know-how.

I have been using the Web (as both producer and consumer) since its inception in the early 1990s, and I have a strong grasp of its guiding principles. Separation of content and style, extensive use of metadata, writing simultaneously for multiple audiences, and dividing text into manageable chunks are just some of the things that make writing for the Web rather different from writing for print publications.

As a copy-editor and proofreader, I can help your organisation to produce a great website from your raw material, whether working from a good existing website or even using text originally intended for print media.

Although the Web has evolved a great deal since the early days, I always endeavour to keep up with relevant standards developed by the World Wide Web Consortium; I am very familiar with XML and XSLT as well as XHTML and CSS. Additionally, I can do work in Javascript as required, and I also have some experience of commonly used server-side programming languages such as Perl, Python and PHP.