Technical writing and illustration

There’s no getting away from it: software applications are getting more and more sophisticated. Yet documentation is still frequently overlooked in the early stages of software planning – instead being squeezed in at the end of the development cycle. The end result: frustrated users and increased support costs.

I believe that great software deserves great documentation (whether printed, online or, best of all, embedded) – and I also believe that documentation is best developed
in parallel with the software. By involving a technical author in the early stages of development, you can even improve your software, as the technical author gets to know your software in depth and can provide feedback on user-interface problems – before it’s too late to do anything about them.

Whether or not you’re able to work with a technical author from the start of your software project, I can produce high-quality documentation in various formats. I can equip your users with appropriate and clearly indexed conceptual, procedural, reference and troubleshooting documentation. I’m equally comfortable working on end-user and API documentation, and I can adapt to work with your documentation systems, whether you normally write standalone documents using a word processor or develop single-sourced document sets from a content repository.