Editorial services

Anything that’s worth publishing is worth editing. Whether you’re a traditional book or journal publisher, an online publisher, or a business producing literature for your customers, I can be part of the team that helps you to produce something that is worth reading and is free of errors. Though I specialise in academic texts, I am willing to consider any other work.

I can copy-edit a manuscript, typescript or electronic document to ensure grammatical correctness, consistency and accuracy, check cross-references and citations, mark up or code for structure, and keep an eye on possible legal issues, to mention just a few of the things that are part and parcel of the copy-editor’s remit.

I can also typeset edited copy using LaTeX (for mathematical and other material) to produce a highly professional result matching your design specification. I can also code copy for inclusion in a website.

Finally, I can proofread typeset material against edited copy (or blind, if necessary) as a check that nothing has gone astray along the way.

I have received training in general proofreading and copy-editing from the Publishing Training Centre, as well as more specialist training from the Society for Editors and Proofreaders.